Meet Our TAY Board

Cammi Kaneko

CammiCammi Kaneko is a bay area native attending Pioneer High School. She volunteers at NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) during the summer and enjoys it immensely. Cammi hopes to attend UC Santa Cruz to one day pursue her dream of becoming a psychiatrist, but is unsure of what the future holds and is keeping her options open. She is open minded and passionate about helping people and believes in giving back to the community. Cammi’s an avid music enthusiast, loyal friend, and frequent concert-goer.

Amanda Leon

AmandaAmanda moved to Northern California almost five years ago by herself, leaving the comfort of her family and friends. Although the move was drastic, in the future it proved to be influential in the person she has become. When she moved up north she enrolled at the local community college, still indecisive in the career she wanted to pursue. It was not until her depression spiraled out of control and she was put in the hospital, that she realized she wanted to pursue a career in Mental Health. After moving up to the Sacramento area again, she began advocating for her mental health. Mental Health America of Northern California scouted her out to talk for a TAY Panel in regards to Suicide Prevention. This opportunity led to her becoming a Youth Advocate for MHANCA. Her job gives her great joy from advocating and empowering the youth of Sacramento. Her job has also motivated her to not let her depression and anxiety limit her in accomplishing her goals. In addition to being a Youth Advocate, she is currently in the Los Rios Colleges studying Sociology in hopes to transfer to a UC in the fall. Amanda aspires to be a Forensic Sociologist and study behavior of criminals.

Jeraniqua Martin

NiquaJeraniqua Martin (Niqua) was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. After graduating from high school Jeraniqua moved to Sacramento to pursue her undergraduate degree in Communication Studies where she graduated in May 2012. Attending Sac State was one of the best things to ever happen to Jeraniqua because through the process of her education she learned an abundance of information about herself and others. She is currently a School Community Worker with San Juan Unified School District. Jeraniqua has a strong, passion, desire, and heart for serving youth not just in Sacramento, but throughout California.

Cindy Martinez

Cindy-MartinezCindy Martinez strongly believes in the vocal independence of our youth in today’s generation. Since 2010 Cindy has been a Mental Health advocate in Orange County, CA.  Cindy’s work consists of workshop facilitation, conference activity organizing, and strategic planning for various statewide youth leadership conferences.  Cindy is a power house advocating for friends and loved ones who are affected by the mental health system. Cindy has also been heavily involved in advocating for the LGBTQ Community and Immigration Reform. She hopes to obtain a Doctorate in Psychology and continue to work in the mental health field, advocating to not only help end stigma within our community and in the mental health system but to also empower youth who are affected by Mental Health.

Jessica Van Tuinen

J. Van TuinenJessica is a 21 year old currently attending Modesto Junior college where she is studying Human Services, and plans to transfer to a university pursue her bachelors and master’s degrees. Jessica currently works as a Peer Support Counselor at a drop in center in Stanislaus County, and her dream is to work at Napa State Hospital while staying involved in the politics surrounding mental health in her community. Jessica has been faced with several barriers throughout her life including GAD. She is passionate about the work she does and is determined to help as many people as she can. Jessica is a Scorpio who loves owls and making people smile!