Change for our Youth, Growth for our Future

Change for our Youth, Growth for our Future

#Change4rYouth #Growth4rFuture

The California Youth Empowerment Network (CAYEN) is working on a project to empower TAY across the state of California. It is the #Change4rYouth #Growth4rFuture Project.

#Change4rYouth #Growth4rFuture is a Transitional Age Youth (TAY) movement that empowers change at both the local level and state level. How are we doing this? For the next three years we are going to empower local youth to take the lead. We are going to provide them with the tools they need to bring awareness to mental health issues that matter to them and affect them.

Why? Because mental health challenges typically have an onset during adolescent years. Depression is among the most disabling of all chronic health conditions and is associated with significant adverse societal costs. Around 1 in 5 TAY have a current mental health challenge. TAY often report that they lack and do not receive services for their mental health struggles.

It’s time TAY take the lead, it’s time to #Change4rYouth so that we can all create #Growth4rFuture. Follow us on social media so that you can keep up with our amazing work! Join the movement!