#metoo has been trending worldwide amidst the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault case.

Youth within the LGBTQ community are at increased risk of violence, which includes physical/sexual assault, bullying, teasing and harassment. This exposure can have negative effects on their education and mental health which can result into poor school performance, absenteeism and risk for depression, suicide and sexual behaviors.

For California resources, check out Each Mind Matters! They have created a brochure specifically for youth! See link below.

For service provides, the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, has created an information sheet for mental health professionals working with LGBTQ youth, addresses common myths and stereotypes, providing counseling and how to create an inclusive environment.

For national help lines:

LGBTQ National Youth Talk Line- 1800246PRIDE

Trans Life Line-18775658860

National Prevention Lifeline- 18002738255