Everyone Deserves a Voice in the Policies That Impact Their Lives

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The California Youth Empowerment Network (CAYEN) was formed to develop, improve and strengthen the voice of Transition Age Youth (TAY) in local and state-level policy.

CAYEN engages youth and young adults who been touched in some way by the mental health, juvenile justice or foster care systems. They are passionate people – consumers, family members and friends of people living with a mental illness.

We are firm believers that their personal experience, education and employment give them a credible, passionate and true voice to the challenges and successes of the TAY population. Through CAYEN they receive the support, training and skills to bring their voices to policy and program discussions.

We believe that Transition Age Youth (TAY) must have their voices heard because:

  • Their experience matters
  • They help create better systems
  • They bring passion and dedication
  • They are experts in the youth experience

Join the CAYEN Action Network

Through our Action Network mailing list we will let you know about pieces of legislation that impact youth and young adults, send you advocacy alerts, and will provide templates of letters for you to send to your legislators. We will help you figure out when and how to make your voice heard in the Capital and in other advocacy forums!

Also, when issues arise in mental health policy and CAYEN is going to take an official advocacy stance, we often poll the Action Network to get feedback on the issue. Through participating in our occasional survey, you will have the opportunity to ensure that CAYEN is representing your voice! Join the CAYEN Action Network…